Radiant Fire Bowl USB Himalayan Salt Lamp
Radiant Fire Bowl USB Himalayan Salt Lamp


Radiant Fire Bowl USB Himalayan Salt Lamp

Sale priceDhs. 270.00 AED

Natural Ionizer: Naturally enhances air quality by emitting negative ions that reduce allergens and improve overall wellness.

Unique Craftsmanship: Each salt crystal is hand-picked and uniquely placed in a decorative bowl shape, ensuring no two lamps are the same.

USB Powered: Conveniently powered by a USB connection, making it easy to use with laptops, desktops, or USB adapters.

Warm Ambient Glow: Provides a warm, soothing glow that creates a calming atmosphere in any room, perfect for relaxation and stress relief.

Eco-Friendly Material: Made from environmentally friendly natural Himalayan salt, promoting sustainability.

Ideal for Small Spaces: Compact size makes it a perfect fit for offices, bedside tables, or small apartments.

Health Benefits: Helps to enhance mood and sleep by creating a serene environment.